Story of a Busy Professional

The Power of Passive Income

Vikram is a busy professional, at the top of his profession and always striving to do his best for his family-he is happy in ensuring best education for his children, good current lifestyle, fulfilling retirement and owning a nice home.

While leafing through a magazine, he reads a well-reasoned article about the significant power of passive income, how astute planning could enhance his lifestyle considerably, and reduce his burden considerably in meeting all the goals.

Vikram being conscientious is totally engaged in his active career. At the same time he has this worrying feeling that he is not devoting requisite time for determining the best way to invest his savings, allocating his assets in the most appropriate manner or in other words unleashing the full power of passive income.

Opportunities Galore but more Questions than Answers

Vikram is reflecting on how Sensex has gone up 7-fold form 3000 to 21000 in less than 5 years. Some of the funds have outperformed Sensex and their NAVs have gone up 10 times. However, his participation was lacking in 2 important dimensions- missing out on parts of the move and not invested at the quantum, which his portfolio would have easily allowed.

Vikram knows that opportunities have been tremendous in India but at the same time, complexity has also increased. He finds it difficult to answer so many questions, for example:

  • When to invest and when to exit
  • Appropriate asset allocation
  • How to structure a portfolio which maximizes returns without sacrificing liquidity and safety
  • Assessing Real Estate valuation
  • How to utilize derivatives and structured products
  • Role of Art in portfolio
  • Whether to invest in Commodities
  • Taxation of various investments
  • How to make the most of investing abroad and where
  • Floating rate vs. fixed rate home loans
  • Evaluating a plethora of retirement and pension products being advertised
  • Whether to buy term insurance or ULIP or endowment and determining the quantum of protection
  • How to pass on the money to next generation in the most appropriate manner so that they are empowered rather than getting dependent

I wish I had a trusted financial friend

Vikram has tried gamely to answer these questions but is left with a dissatisfied feeling. There is a cacophony of answers and many from dubious and unscrupulous sources. There are so many advertisements and so many commission-earning salespersons confusing Vikram even further.

He wishes many times for a trusted financial friend who can guide him through this maze with calmness, clarity and ability. That will be a great weight off for him in such an important life domain.

Finance Doctor is that trusted friend

Finance Doctor is that trusted invaluable friend and with a relationship for ever not only encompassing your well being but also of your future generations.

We have tremendous investment ability-that is important but only a part of what we do. We take a holistic approach towards wealth management and integrate all the issues that individuals need to think. We bind together in a cohesive manner investment selection, asset allocation, risk management and taxation. We specialize in transferring wealth to the next generation, which is even more important during your lifetime. We structure customized innovative solutions, which transfer along with your wealth your cherished values and empower the next generation without making them dependent.

Overall, we infuse our investors with immense satisfaction that all the hard work they are putting in is being leveraged many times over and they are making rapid progress in reaching their important life goals.

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