Our combination of NRI and PIO (person of Indian origin) clients is extremely interesting- they are from multiple countries including USA, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and they have very diverse backgrounds including physicians, bankers, computer professionals, pilots, lawyers, company executives and many others. All of them though have one common characteristic-they have all benefited tremendously by investing a proportion of their portfolio in India through Finance Doctor.

Dr. Sanjiv Mehta, Founder and Managing Director of Finance Doctor has devoted an entire chapter titled ' NRI Opportunity-India as an Attractive Investment Destination' in his book 'Winning the Wealth Game'. He writes that how India is on its way to become one of the most important 21st century economies of the world, why good GDP growth is sustainable for quite some time and how it offers a compelling investment opportunity for NRIs and PIOs.

Finance Doctor has a very good and well-documented track record of converting this opportunity into solid returns for its investors including NRIs and PIOs. Some of our articles, e-mails and notes to investors during the last 5 years are reproduced on the website in the answer to the first question.

We structure holistic solutions for you which address typical concerns which an NRI has - namely taxation, repatriation, currency fluctuation, implementation of transactions and portfolio monitoring.

We respond to your queries quickly and in an informative manner. We strive to utilize technology and regulatory amendments to improve the implementation of transactions and service capabilities. On our website, we provide you with always updated consolidated portfolio statement and online thread communication-please read detailed answer on our website to question 4 on service.

With time, Finance Doctor's relationship with NRI and PIO investors has deepened where they have a trusted friend in India helping them reach their financial goals. Overall, we transcend distances and bring India, the country of your origin close to you in multiple ways.

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