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Finance Doctor fills a

big gap

Wealth Management is similar to Healthcare in the sense that lots of medicines (for example, equity funds, fixed income products, real estate investment trusts, structured products and multiple others) are available, but there is one important difference – there are very few competent and trustworthy prescribers.Economist magazine in its special report on the wealth management industry has a very similar conclusion-‘Industry needs to benefit its clients lot more. Investors feel overwhelmed by thousands of funds on offer. Individuals find it difficult to handle the responsibility for asset allocation for their retirement. There is nobody to steer them in the right direction because giving clients individual advice is too difficult and too expensive.’

Finance Doctor was initiated in September 2002 to specifically address this gap. It has a mission to help individuals and organizations in planning their finances with success and happiness.

Finance Doctor is your trusted financial friend

Finance Doctor is India’s premier wealth management advisory and your family doctor in the field of personal finance. We have a holistic wealth management approach where we ensure that you reach your important financial goals. Our investment ability to generate good returns at minimal risk is an important and integral part.

We are your trusted financial friend always endeavoring to raise the quality of your lives, maintaining a consistent living standard and ensuring empowerment for your future generations too

Ethics & Hippocratic oath

Our approach is simply that we advise only those actions which we implement for our own portfolio. Our recommendations are purely for what will be best for our investors. It is consistent with the Hippocratic oath, which we take when we complete our medical training- that all our actions will be totally governed by the interests of people we are treating. This oath should become totally operative in the financial services industry and Finance Doctor is setting an example.

Our Clients

Our clients are business executives, doctors, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, non-resident Indians (NRIs), persons of Indian origin (PIOs), returned to India (R2I), high net worth individuals (HNIs), professionals in varied areas, corporates and educational institutes. They are busy, immersed in their respective fields and find little time to devote to their financial planning and wealth enhancement, even though they recognize that it is a very important life area. That’s where we step in and our clients have found us to be of immense help.

Our instant accessibility

Our clients come from various countries and various cities in India. We transcend distances where geographical proximity is of no importance. You can contact us anytime from anywhere -one to one communication with your assigned Relationship Manager on the website or otherwise provides accessibility without losing the personal touch. It ensures an interactive two- way dialogue and you can be participating in it whenever you want to – no need for stepping out or making appointments. Additionally, we make online transactions very simple-we create a link which is sent to you by SMS and email, the transaction gets done as soon as you approve which takes a few seconds of your time. Additionally, you have online access to an always-updated portfolio, your financial scorecard, plans and all your quarterly portfolio reviews.


Dr.Sanjiv Mehta is the founder and managing director of Finance Doctor. He has an MBBS from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and an MBA with Dean’s Honors List from the Wharton School, U.S.A. His previous assignment was as CEO of The Stock Exchange, Mumbai’s (BSE) Derivatives Segment. He was also a member of SEBI Derivatives Advisory Group and part of the small team responsible for introducing futures and options in the Indian capital market. Prior assignments include Vice President with Saudi American Bank in the Middle East and Assistant Professor of Marketing at Ashridge Management College in U.K. Dr. Mehta’s highly acclaimed book ‘Winning the Wealth Game’ was published by Tata McGraw Hill in March 2007. It has been hailed by multiple newspapers, magazines and websites as the first comprehensive wealth management book for Indian retail investors.

Dr. Mehta formed Finance Doctor in September 2002 with the mission of helping individuals and organizations in planning their finances with success and happiness. Since then the company has built up a great track record in wealth creation, facilitating investors reaching their important financial goals.

Dr. Mehta spends considerable time in investor education through consulting, teaching in various forums and writing personal financial planning columns. He also conducts wealth management seminars for bankers in India and abroad.