Financial Advice For A Career Setback

Sanjiv Mehta  |  2018-03-31

Steve Smith with his one year ban faces career uncertainty and a major financial loss- he can do the following to bolster his financial score card:

Improving future income potential
Smith undoubtedly is a very talented player, maintaining self belief will be very important. He can continue to hone his skills and utilize this time to make his technique even better. For all of us, otherwise we are so immersed in day to day activities; an uncluttered time can help in improving our skills which make us even more marketable.

Cutting down on unnecessary expenses
By having a clinical look at various categories of his expenses, he can cut unnecessary expenses without really affecting his lifestyle. When cash inflow is plentiful, some avoidable expenditures, for example high EMI for depreciating assets, can creep in. Many times, all of us forget that career can be volatile with fluctuating incomes and eventually retirement where we are dependent on accumulated sum. Sports stars have even a shorter earning span.

Putting existing savings to maximum use
Passive income is a very important component and if utilized well, in most instances, can be greater than what we earn in our active careers. Smith has to be advised to take prudent investment decisions to maximize returns without taking undue risks.

I was surprised to read a news item that in a major Ponzi scheme in Bangalore, even a very sensible Rahul Dravid and Saina Nahiwal had invested crores when promised high returns of 40%. We have to keep on following the basic principles of liquidity, safety and yield enhancement in management of our money.

By implementing the above steps, Steve Smith can take care of important financial sphere of his life and that will contribute immensely to his comeback. I believe that eventually he will become a great inspiration for everyone who faces setbacks and fluctuations in a career.